Scoubidou, Boondoggle, gimp, lanyard, rexlace


Learn to create the most incredible woven pieces of art in the world. Scoubi-doggle is a craft that consists of a series of knots that create beautiful patterns.

16-Way scoubidou boondoggle
16-Way scoubidou boondoggle

16-Way Crooked Ladder

Four Way Button

Learn to make this!

New Scoubi-Doggle

Learn to make this!

Boondoggle IOS app logo

Scoubidou: Featuring the most incredible plastic laced lanyards ever. With easy to read instructions; Scoubidou will teach you step by step how to create Scoubidou, Boondoggle, gimp, lanyard, and rexlace!

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